Monday, 7 April 2008

Faltown slide comp

good weekend spent hung over and not working. However on sunday we went to the faltown slide comp out on an industrial estate to the west of falmouth. Despite the crappy weather and freezing air temp it was a good laugh and have some good pictures to show for it as well. Also on returning homewards to defrost watched the "art of going sideways" with p to show her the sliding fun. check out to get your knowledge on

Most importantly we went tho in the hail to invent a new sport. SO behold the amazingness that is bonnet sledging. Take one 1970's mgb bonnet. turn it upside down. point down the hill and get a good push off your mates. We did it on wet tarmac and it went well. with wet grass or snow it would be the best sledge ever.
waiting on snow

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