Wednesday, 31 March 2010

more tron related fun stuff from flynn lives

fun stuff from flynn lives came as part of the online search for kevin flynn, as part of the tron launch propaganda.
my encom i d badge complete with qr code that takes you to the intranet of encom complete with email and everything.
all the easter eggy fun

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

beta squnkey

after years of making other people's paper art toys i finally made my own.
so here is the squnkey
you get it one of many fun flavours C M Y K or blank
or get your laughing gear round the raw files and hack it up how you want
raw ai or blank ai
so heres the beta version for  people to play with

Thursday, 25 March 2010

holy code

after some tech friends tried to explain the difference between ruby and php to me (they were good and kept their despairing looks to a minimum) they told me about a type of code language that is written in haikus. check it out here. So chuck and i were laughing about the resourcing of a project and how the only coders hired were a pair of french nuns and a dog.
this got me thinking...
Holy code, everything must be in psalm form, with plenty of eths and holy writ. also things must start with alpha and end with omega. also everything must comprise of three parts.
if  only i knew how to create coding languages and it d be amazing.

sorry random brain fart there

Friday, 12 March 2010


click to make it large
if youve got 3d specs that makes it even more wweirdly

check out scribblertoo

dan showed me this earlier and it s fucking incredible i love it.
its like the easiest and most bizarre drawing tool ive ever used.
it makes everything look awesome.
get involved and have a play y'all
it also has full save and over drawing fun to play with
do it now

Thursday, 4 March 2010

save 6 music

so i n my sleep addled state this morning i had an idea. It was an idea to save 6 music. you d have to be blind, deaf and have no internet connection not to have heard about the proposed closure of 6 music.

So whilst trying to drag my corpse from bed i had an idea. If i had the money i'd by six music outright from the BBC. Granted i don't have the money but for those who do, now is the time.
Have you ever seen a radio station with so much publicity? The bbc never gave 6 music this much oush but at the moment the name of 6 music is everywhere. Famous twitter feeds (like phill jupitus), to mainstream news, social media and more. If that hasn't boosted listening figures, I don't know what could.

The second benefit for this would be the PR for which ever rich lucky bugger could afford to buy 6 music. They would be seen as the saviour of independent music, the protector of what the bbc should be saving. Whether this be for one-upmanship, taxable deductions, or simply instead of their advertising budget on other projects, they should do it.

So come on Sir Richard Branson, give it a go.

just an idea but had to chip in my two pennys worth

get your voice