Tuesday, 28 February 2012

possible new helmet commision

so off the back of oon's helmet (proper fancy shots to be taken soon) I have a possible commission in the offing from another london roller girl
these are a couple of little scamps i made for the lady to show her how i saw it. still to hear back but getting excited about doing it now


so might have gone ebay crazy and bought some mgb pistons, with no idea with what to do with them. Now however I have a plan. also they make a great totem pole for the car lover

an anti valentine's day present

so me and the misses don't do valnetine's day but as an injoke (following a random conversation at the V&A) i bought her a pair of hatchets as an non romantic valentine's day gift.
These are going to be custom painted and then mounted on the wall.

watch this space

office scalextrix

tom might have bought some scalextrix and i might have gone ebay crazy finding extra bits

crash bandicute's crash helmet

 For oon's christmas present I wanted to make her something epic. Also as she had just moved down to london and joined the London roller girls  I decided  a custom helmet paint job was a good shout. So over the course of a month of after work and weekends and whenever  I could find time I made this.
its a custom enamel paintjob on top of a classic pro-tec helmet, using faux gold leaf for the lettering with orange and black striping (for the tiger bay brawlers she had left behind).

Eclectic set of bits and bobs on it, mainly for injokes.

Hopefully soon I can take some photos that do this helmet justice.

Monday, 27 February 2012

coming work...

ok so it's been a little while since I posted here in the post christmas madness. but fear not.. new things are a coming.
these include.
custom duel hatchets.
a full custom helmet paint job.
and some other little odds and sodds
woop woop