Friday, 28 August 2009

improved vector drawing fun times

so after that lacklustre vector drawing of michael caine i posted half done the other week i decided i needed to pull my socks up a bit and get from being rusty. so i did a couple more/ opne for my sisters birthday and the other to prove to myself i could draw michael caine after all

moustache horror pics to come soon, as well as maybe some digitas worky

Wednesday, 19 August 2009


a few of us at the tas have decided to raise some money for testicular and prostate cancer
and i quote

"Who needs Ed Beard when you’ve got Digitach!
A brave band of blokes in the agency are risking public humiliation by attempting to grow a moustache through September. We're doing it to support Everyman, the UK's leading Male Cancer Campaign. Please sponsor us and together we'll help to beat testicular and prostate cancer.”

sponsor us or just me or join up but whatever you do get involved