Wednesday, 25 March 2009

office modification_desk 2.0

click on the image for larger view

with the move down to the 4th floor and creative land imminent i thought it was about time i paid homage to the mess i call home, so here is my desk in all it s glory.
the worst thing is it has only got worse since this.

gems to look out for are:

my stock pile of Newcastle brown ale
jesus the secretarial moose, complete with albert's hat,
the inspiration web of paperclips (at time of post made from every paper clip in two stationary cupboards)
various paper toys,
old fruit boxes
fuglife the amazon based promotion (i get punched every week for not pitching this to them)
uprated children's catapult (could clear one side of the office to the other with subtle modification)
the little moose
more mess
the drawn on trainers
a tin robot
satan's mug

see if you can find waldo


another effing blog

bring on the trumpets

the digitas london blog is finally here, we can now hopefully show off some stuff that no one else ever seems to get to hear about, kind of a jekyll and hyde affair
to the blog>

wallace, gromit and morph

had an awesome office visit from jenny at Aardman into the office today, along with their new show reel, she brought along actual animation props which we got to hold and have photos with, beyond amazing,
also packages galore today, but will post about that later
sorry for the delay

Monday, 2 March 2009

pixel hated

so i know the posts have been even fewer and further between recently but have started grabbing stuff together to update the website this being one of the things
see you soon