Thursday, 5 January 2012

photoshop swatch pallete art for facebook

so it's been a while since i made a photoshop swatch pallete piece, so i made this as something to go at the top of my facebook timeline, i'll add the .aco file and clearer files when i get home this evening

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

swatch pallette art on googe image results

I  love google analytics, after ages of nothing i found that a fair proportion of search traffic comes in via this old post. And if you search for "roy lichtenstein whaam" it comes up as the 21st results. sweet huh?

saying T.Hanks this christmas

RIGHT so, every year I forget to do these to thank various epic relatives for the lovely shit they gave me. It skips my mind or I'm lazy and suddenly its august and I've never done them. SO this year is gunna be different. The bomber and I even came up with these little beauties.

Christmas T.Hanks ..... hahahahahahahahaha..... well it made me laugh anyway

N.B. this is in no way endorsed by T.Hanks esq. Although I am going to be contacting his agents about endorsement so we can see if we can sell a few next year.