Tuesday, 1 April 2008

back from the big smoke

this weekend past myself and two of the girly mates headed up nodnol wards to have some graphic type fun. Headed up on the friday and came back on sunday for a rip roaring cavalcade of museums and geekyness. Such sites as the design museum, V&A, a pub on oxford circus, and most of the classic printing district around St. Brides and fleet street were visited. The main purpose of the trip was for a typographic walking tour. Truly the geekyest of all the london tours but a good laugh none the less. Also in a epic show of self control, i managed to avoid buying any art toys, comic books of overpriced design books.
Also seen were;

a band of where's wallies on the tube.
a fiat conquecento bearing pizzas.
what lyns and holly look like at 6 in the morning.
the end of my thumb nearly being removed.
the busiest lunchtime in the V&A ever.
3 films on the new walkman.
a crazy light composer in the designer of the year show, that kept chris and i entertained for a good half an hour.
hester and her feller.
the aforementioned chris.
portobello market.
new yog fruit digestives, not as nice as they look.
lots of stickers.
pints of brains in london of all places.
tube queues.
wren towers.
3 paul smith bunnies.
lots of type.

i might stop there the list could go on a while

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nothing better to do

actually, busy trying to make sense of the word verification jumbles.

insomniac and you just happened to be next blog

Looks like you all had a nice time. What was on at vicky's?