Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Verbatim monster

how cool is this. the most boring subject and one of the most fun sites of the year

check it out

Sunday, 24 January 2010

new illustration for beebzteez

new mailer illustration for beebzteez to go out promoting their donkies tshirt
same deal as the last two.

oh and for those like me who didn't get the reference a donkey is a crap poker player that other more experienced players take to the cleaners (can you see the reference coming) or eat for breakfast.

location alarm / iM DRUNK AND WANT TO GET HOME


so i ve debated putting this up for a long time, because before i was worried about someone making my idea and making their fortune, now i m just worried about this never being made.

This idea came to me after talking to my flat mate after he fell asleep on the bus and missed his stop for about the forth time in as many weeks. The concept is that your set this app/web page running on your smartphone (works best on non iphones as they allow background processing) you set a location on a google maps like map and when you get within a pre programmed distance of that place (be it your house, nearest pub, kebab shop, bus stop or whatever) your phone sets of an alarm. simple concept and there are other apps that do similar things, but at last check and on project commencement none designed for your London drunk taking a bus home.

the app is in alpha stage and the design was knocked up to explain the concept. cash made me the lovely flash test and the partner in crime mason thought up the actual technical workings.

if i can mobilize 2 grand it ll get made but chance is a fine thing.

pixel masters

Following a conversation with rakesh the other day about the concept of a pixel in the real world (hopefully new work on that theme coming soon) i remembered that i d done a couple of investigations into classic masters paintings and trying to reduce them to the fewest number of pixels possible whilst maintaining their iconic look and leaving them recognisable.

one day when i have some money i d like to frame them all at their relevant size and have set them all on one wall with an indesign links pallete with all the links brokens as an inside joke that no sane person would get or care about.

last fm output / spotify mash-up

heres the skin i made to be used by digitas london to put on their website using andy's technology (website concept went off in a different direction) which in is andy's own words;

"Version: 0.2 (alpha)
Author: Andrew Mason

This jQuery plug-in uses and to retrieve a user’s music history and display it on a webpage or blog.

* Pull real-time data from
* Fully customisable via CSS
* Open artist, album or track in Spotify via the music note link
* Show Recent tracks, top artists/albums/tracks

Coming soon

* Build and customise your own
* Embed in your own webpage/blog
* iGoogle & netvibes widget"

check it out here

pantytone generator screens

based on a pantone book from HGV that will my flatmate got when the studio relocated to Thailand. I wanted to archive the book on the internet as it was a beautiful piece of design history that computer technology has almost made redundant. However chatting to my partner in crime Andy he showed me how you could automate server processes to recreate the same steps automatically, meaning that people could actually create a page of separations with their own image, making a more desirable tool, that is actually useful and not just an archive.

The idea is that you when you come to the page, you:
pick your colour (which live changes the colour of the entire sites text and buttons)
upload your image
then output a page of the seperations that use the uploaded image: monotone in the colour you picked with the colour in 10% tint increments & duotone with black increasing in 10% tint increments. (see the image 2 for better explanation)
the user can then capture the entire page or choose a new colour.

well thats the idea anyway. I ve now finished the design of the two pages in snatched mornings before work and in the hours on the weekend i have spare. Andy has created a proof of concept located here. hopefully soon we'll get the time to hook the whole thing up. watch this space.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

pantytone generator project progress

a first look screenshot of the project i ve been working on for too long to digitize and improve a pantone book from the 80's designs are done and the first page is sliced with pngs in the relevant place so that the chosen colour will change bits of the page automatically. still so much to do and so much help needed from the mason to pull in the server stuff but progress at least my friends