Thursday, 28 May 2009

desk madness now published in onoffice magazine about how super cheap our office is

so benney's and my customization of our desk space has lead to a special picture feature of my best side for an article about credit crunch interior design and how our office is a super example
woop woop

link to pdf

mega pals

freaky and disturbing.... yes
but somehow compelling to make more
mega emma, teps, janey, and benney

link monkey logo

logo i made for the link monkey email we have at work for passing links

denny the penephant

denny the penephant, it s a pen that looked a bit like an elephant so i tipped it over the edge
that s it really creative thought for the day a few days ago

one for kinchin

thought you might enjoy this kinch

adam, sav, rebeca and moz
woop woop

trying to bring some of the oddness to you all

so i know i m slack as fuck at updating this blog
but i m going to try whilst in work on the early mornings
so here for you viewing pleasure is something i knocked up yesterday.
fed up of hearing about companies firing employees after reading bad comments on blogs and twitter, so here for the first time is quitter, a way to get yourself fired, pre recorded messages 140 characters in length to really get under your snooping bosses' noses.
more soon