Tuesday, 30 July 2013

New S-One Custom Helmet

New fresh, raw and untainted s-one lifer from Double threat

really like the strap detailling

so shiny and untainted

logo location is gunna have to change but the strap rivets are awesome

that s1 logo will have to go too
So apparently I can't make a helmet last more than a couple of months without denting the shit out of it. I've been tempted by an S-One helmet for ages but they weren't really available in the UK. Then the lovely ladies at Double threat skates got them in, and I got the chance to go and have a look at them and the fit was much nicer for my over sized noggin than my old pro tecs. Thus I purchased a lovely one. The Pics show what I did with it. Trying out acrylic rather than enamel as a painting medium. Love the faster drying time but the transparency of the colour is very frustrating. The cleaning and brush maintenance is much better though. Also apparently only crazy people use enamel through an airbrush. Anyway, well chuffed with the outcome. hopefully this helmet will last a little longer
keying rub down and aperture stuffing, hurhur

more rub down

more rub down just to get out some moudling imperfections

crappy cardboard spray booth for the win,
the cardboard tube at the back has a silk filter
and is hooked up to the hoover for extraction

final pre base coat pic

tamiya field blue base coat and some black and white acrylic.
Trying this instead of enamel and cellulose

eye detailing begins,
(note the notebook full of different attempts as i couldn't work out which eye i liked)

tiny white detailling begins

they look so wobbly now

more white detailling, think i should have masked and sprayed those teeth now

roundel and lettering goes on

adding hints of paneling

distressing and silver bits and some oil leaks

adding signature tag , acrylic silver is pretty nice to work with

ok maybe got a bit carried away with the oil leaks

varnished and done

varnished with the logo in its new spot. well chuffed