Friday, 30 March 2012


a turgid metaphor for my job

progress, ... kinda

ok so first bit of news is that the helmet collab feel through. I priced myself out of the market. oh well. so in lieu of that to do I nicked the bomber's second helmet now she's using the first one I painted. I wanted to make her a suffrajets helmet and so that's what is very nearly finished. It's inspired by (i ripped the idea off from..) old cafe racer fuel tanks and their use of scalloping.

Also the axes are very close to being done, only a tiny amount of gold leafing and painting still to be done. (also i managed to get the bomber to do some gold leafing as her tiny steady hands mean that she kicks my arse at it)

and on that note here are some  pics of work in progress (as soon as things are finished I'm gunna take some proper photos)

a sneaky pic of the bomber while she's gold leafing

this was the last picture i could get before the threat of axe damage
 to myself became too great 

obvious painting is obvious

incoherent ramblings have been doodled
in various unsuitable locations

gold leafing

upside down gold leafing detail

blurry sig detail on the left axe

so much bloody masking tape
masking up for the scallop pattern

the finished purple metallic scallop (with dark blue metallic fade)
pattern with white  pinstripe
kinda the same but sideways

little bit of gill sans for some classic racing numbering