Wednesday, 30 September 2009

autumn and winter are here yayayayayayayayay

and to celebrate heres a gem from the london snow day earlier this year (not cos i m only just getting round to posting it at all)

halloween photoshop

cash and high tower (or Rakesh Chadee and Ahmed Abokor esqs) did some lovely versions of us for our Halloween party completely unbeknown to us. here are their results
i think my favourite is still ian as a smurf, totally unhalloweeny but so apt.

p.s. check out rakesh and ahmed

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Ford 021C by Marc Newson

I saw this at the design museum a few years ago and love it, i think its the most awesome and actually liveable concept car i ve ever seen, truly a car i would actually buy, so many awesome features like the drawer style boot and the suicide doors in the rear.
via designyearbook

le cochon danseur

i love the french, check out the last 20 seconds awesomely disturbing anamatronics
via boing boing

just when i hope my lust for crap couldnt get any stronger i see these

via time

Monday, 28 September 2009

getting all the credit

so what started as a one off typo has now become a fairly regular occurrence. the famous Swiss assisted suicide clinic Dignitas and the online advertising company Digitas. Here is an offering from indymedia who also need to check their spelling.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

custom graphic tablet pen

so for ages i've had a broken and unhappy looking graphic tablet pen in my posession. using a fairly fancy one all day every day at work i felt i wanted something a bit more interesting and comfortable than the standard. so here fresh from the shaven yeti R&D labs is the graphic marker. ok so its only the first working prototype but it proves the idea is sound and its really comfortable and everything.

just in postscript all rights still belong to pentel yadda yadda

Friday, 11 September 2009

bill hicks would have hated me

so just a quick hung over post to ramble about the awesome time we had at crazybear last night, the most awesome white russian and good company from three offices. everything was awesome i can not express that enough, decadent and bourgeoisie but in the best way. ask me about it sometime, and i ll tell you the full story.