Tuesday, 16 October 2012

the violent disco ball

so on the interwebs I saw someone customising a motorbike helmet to look like a disco ball. A couple of things immediately made me think I could firstly pevert this for roller derby and secondly frown. Would it not be massively heavy, as they were using mirror ceramic tiles, and secondly would it not piss off almost everyone on the road at night?

sooooo, i found some mirror vinyl made a tester and one of the girls in LRG rec league liked it an wanted her own, these are the pics of it's creation

so after 24 hours to harden, it got packed off to it's owner who I really hope likes the bugger

one triple 8 noggin saver with all the stickers removed. Matt rubberised finish that is a surprisingly large pain in the arse to work with

rear view

first lines of mirror squares go on

starting to deal with the curves

rough cut around the vents

raw finish is still pretty reflective 

all the tiles on

cut around the triple 8 logo

first coat of varnish to seal the tiles to the helmet and stop them flapping up (hopefully)

as i have to spray  in a stair well after work getting a good smooth finish was fucking hard

especially as i couldn't rub it down between coats, you can see the diffuse finish over the top of the orange detailing i put on

more second coat diffuseness and orange enamel detailling

third coat of varnish and i managed to strike the perfect balance between the varnish being too thick and running but wonderfully reflective, and not enough varnish and the finish being diffuse

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