Thursday, 4 March 2010

save 6 music

so i n my sleep addled state this morning i had an idea. It was an idea to save 6 music. you d have to be blind, deaf and have no internet connection not to have heard about the proposed closure of 6 music.

So whilst trying to drag my corpse from bed i had an idea. If i had the money i'd by six music outright from the BBC. Granted i don't have the money but for those who do, now is the time.
Have you ever seen a radio station with so much publicity? The bbc never gave 6 music this much oush but at the moment the name of 6 music is everywhere. Famous twitter feeds (like phill jupitus), to mainstream news, social media and more. If that hasn't boosted listening figures, I don't know what could.

The second benefit for this would be the PR for which ever rich lucky bugger could afford to buy 6 music. They would be seen as the saviour of independent music, the protector of what the bbc should be saving. Whether this be for one-upmanship, taxable deductions, or simply instead of their advertising budget on other projects, they should do it.

So come on Sir Richard Branson, give it a go.

just an idea but had to chip in my two pennys worth

get your voice

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