Sunday, 24 January 2010

pantytone generator screens

based on a pantone book from HGV that will my flatmate got when the studio relocated to Thailand. I wanted to archive the book on the internet as it was a beautiful piece of design history that computer technology has almost made redundant. However chatting to my partner in crime Andy he showed me how you could automate server processes to recreate the same steps automatically, meaning that people could actually create a page of separations with their own image, making a more desirable tool, that is actually useful and not just an archive.

The idea is that you when you come to the page, you:
pick your colour (which live changes the colour of the entire sites text and buttons)
upload your image
then output a page of the seperations that use the uploaded image: monotone in the colour you picked with the colour in 10% tint increments & duotone with black increasing in 10% tint increments. (see the image 2 for better explanation)
the user can then capture the entire page or choose a new colour.

well thats the idea anyway. I ve now finished the design of the two pages in snatched mornings before work and in the hours on the weekend i have spare. Andy has created a proof of concept located here. hopefully soon we'll get the time to hook the whole thing up. watch this space.

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