Monday, 7 December 2009

here it is the Bad Company comic that started it all for me

I ve been wanting to do this for ages and here it is:
the small version (15mb)
the medium version (
the larger version (125mb) (this is still only 150 dpi)

"All rights are still very much reserved by 2000AD and it s publishers and by the amazing team of Brett Ewins, Jim McCarthy, Pete Milligan and Tom Frame.

I was given this comic about 15 years ago by a cousin of my mam’s. It is point dot I feel in the graphic world I have come to love. I drew pictures and things before this but this was the point that set the fuse burning in my head. I appreciate it’s not in anyone else’s view the best comic of all time but for me it is. I’ve looked at it a thousand times and always found something new I love.

Probably because of this it’s falling apart. It’s yellowed and stained, loved and abused. This is why I felt I had to archive it and put it in this for anyone to see. Not to take money from it’s intellectual owner’s but because it’s means so much to me I want to share it with anyone and everyone.

So that’s it, my little love that is a very battered copy of the best of 2000AD from March 1994.
I hope you enjoy it one thousandth as much as I do"


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