Wednesday, 13 October 2010

my latest creative nonsense, I present the photoshop swatch art gallery

want to bring a bit of class to your photoshop workspace, want coworkers to thing you're a bit of something classier than what you actually are? Then i give to you my friends the photoshop swatches art gallery. Miniature masterpieces reformatted to fit into your swatches palette so you can hang your favourite artwork on your screen to look at all day whilst retouching, scamping, designing or merely pretending to work.

download the .aco file here, load it into your photoshop swatch pallete using replace, and then drag your palette to the correct width, et voila, swatch buckling awesomeness if i do say so myself.

more coming soon and open to comissions
and yes that blue pixel is supposed to be there (for those who know me too well its C100 M0 Y0 K4, that should explain it)


p.s obviously all rights still belong to photoshop with regards to my use of their name