Thursday, 24 January 2013

a logo idea

A logo in development for the men's Welsh roller derby team.

Designed because I wanted to create something that isn't dragons in skates or the Prince of wales feathers (don't get me started on them). So this is what I did (beware this post will contain a large amount of rationalisations).

The idea was to take the prince of wales feathers and subvert them and make something that immediately appears welsh but references much deeper in our culture. The three white swan ostrich feathers are replaced by raven feathers for Bran the Blessed, a true welsh king and not a post for the first son of a german monarch. In Welsh folklore and in the Mabinogion, Bran was a giant and king of Wales.  His full name means Blessed Raven. The inscription reads "Bid Ben Bid Bont", or in english "let the leader be the bridge"said by Bran during the war against the Irish. Not only motivational and actually in welsh, but some hardcore derby punnery to boot. and finally the crown is replaced by the crown of ivy. The mocking honour bestowed upon the decapitated head of llewelyn ap griffith, another king of the welsh, replaces the fippery and brings in the green so that we have the red the white and the green.

Still more to do on this but I think the thinking is sound.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

looks like derby

so yet another silly side shenanigans after realising that a derby ref looked like a famous piano player. and Lo, looks like derby came to be

come have a butcher's


mucking about