Monday, 27 September 2010

portrait videos on vimeo

i saw this portrait video on awesome solitaire
embedded from vimeo and portrait to make a really good screen visualization,
intrigued i made a test and by the looks of it you can pretty much create any aspect ratio of video for vimeo, which is nice to know.
heres my test,

testy testicles from joncg on Vimeo.

Monday, 20 September 2010

hackday 3: The hack fights back or the difficult birth of HoleRunner

This weekend held the third hack day and what will most likely be the last one in the house of mister kufluk. Worked out with  Kenneth Kufluk,and Andrew Masonthe concept sounded simple on the surface of it. We wanted to create an online multiplayer game that had a mechanic dependent on the number of players. It would need to be made in SVGs and in HTML so that in firefox it could be played with extra plug-ins.
How hard can that be I hear you cry, actually If you're keeping up with the talk of html 5 and svg s you ll be one of the few.

So anyway in the pub the night before andy and I cracked the idea of a demolition derby style version of a micro machines style game where you have a surface and each team is struggling to push vehicles from the other team off into space for points. This was promptly sold into Kenneth the next morning at his house. Things we d forgotten but added awesomeness were added and HoleRunner was born.

Over the next 8 hours I got to happily play with vector drawing, which I love, so was in a happy world of my own, while Kenneth and Andy battled against box2d and node to make things happen. I'll leave the explanations of exactly what went on there to them but it seemed hard. Radians and advanced trig and moments and torque forces had to all be worked out, leaving me exceedingly happy I was the pixel monkey on this one.

SO after 8 hours of struggle and trial and tribulations it became clear we were fighting a losing battle. And thus like any mighty army in need of a regroup we went to the pub. We decided to call it a night at about 2 am.
The next morning Andy and kenneth went about coding the mechanics from first principle rather than continue to try to bang their heads against the desk (fair call I say).
SO long story short HoleRunner is still coming soon, we have based mechanics and base graphics and base internet fuynctionality but this one is going to take more time.
However this is kind of what it will look like, (click to make it full screen)

hopefully I'll be posting more about this soon


yet another quick brain fart to keep me entertained. came up with the idea of the ftwinnebago in a brainstorm for a different project and liked it so much that i figured i d make it, now I've started a blog based on it. It is here to satisfy my desire to make bad puns. hopefully like a punsink my work should now be a little freer of such nonsense